Milestones from the Private Beta

  • Nigel observed people silencing their phones shortly after arriving at movie theaters. After only three days of observations, Nigel learned that silencing a device at the movies is a common-sense action. Nigel connected the dots and began automatically silencing phones upon users entering any movie theater, anywhere in the world.
  • Nigel observed a user’s interactions with his phone while at a restaurant with his spouse. The user rejected all incoming calls except for their babysitter. When the user and his spouse next went out for dinner, Nigel proactively silenced all incoming calls unless it was their babysitter. Through this experience, Nigel started to learn the concept of “a date” and began to understand typical human behavior during dinner dates.
  • Nigel has learned to auto-reply to basic text messages. On one occasion a user, who was supposed to be at a meeting texted an attendee who was already at the meeting venue asking “Is everyone there?” Nigel auto-replied to the late attendee “Everyone is here except you.”
  • Instead of getting a list of the 20 closest restaurants, Nigel delivers one or two suggestions based on comprehending their respective menus. Nigel recommends a place for lunch based on having learned what food the user likes, taking into account the user’s dietary preferences as well as any health and fitness goals the user may have set. For example, if the user skipped his routine morning run, Nigel will take that into consideration when making recommendations.

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