The Four Phases of the Nigel Beta Expansion

Phase One: Nigel AI Agent Setup
During this phase of the beta the company setup Nigel AI Agents for its users and successfully tested their subnet modeling technology, which is the underlying technology behind the Nigel algorithm. Unlike deep learning, which is a pattern recognition technology, subnet modeling is designed to transform a stream of hard and soft sensor data into small knowledge “packets” anchored in time and space. This is what allows Nigel to think, comprehend, predict, be creative and more.

Phase Two: Machine Learning and Teaching Nigel

Phase two is centered on machine learning and enables users’ devices to stream data to their AI agents. This allows Nigel to start observing and learning about the world around us. During this phase the company is working with child psychologists and education experts to devise a curriculum for Nigel with the goal of the AGI learning to read and write at an elementary school level within twelve months as well as developing a general understanding of cause and effect. Kimera will be creating optional teaching exercises that beta users can participate in. While Nigel is constantly learning from all its current users, the rate of learning, comprehension and overall usefulness grows exponentially when Nigel learns from groups of like-minded individuals who share common goals.

Phase Three: Nigel Does
The next phase of the beta is expected to roll out towards the end of July. This is the phase that all current beta users are waiting for – the phase where Nigel will start to “do stuff” based on everything learned to date. Nigel will become increasingly active as it’s utilized.

Phase Four: Developer API
Phase four is centered on expanding Nigel’s ability to do things by opening the Nigel Software Development Kit (SDK). Developers will be able to build apps that Nigel can reach inside and tweak – even enabling multiple apps to work together – to help users in their everyday lives.

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  • DaniDipp

    Hey, guys!
    Thanks for the hard work you are putting into Nigel and with that, into the future.
    Do you think it would be possible to put out a quick update every now and then to let us know about the progress?
    Anyways, thanks for the awesome work!