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This expanded beta test is a personal dream come true for me. It is the first major step towards deploying real artificial intelligence, or artificial general intelligence (AGI), to the world – the first step towards transforming the way of life on our planet, from removing global poverty to helping mankind get into deep space. It’s too late for my kids, but I hope my grandchildren will not understand how primitive our lives are today.

Most scientist and business leaders believe real artificial intelligence is decades, maybe even a century away. Have you ever wondered why they believe so? Ever seen evidence that they are right? What if they are wrong? In 12 months from today, when we wrap up the Nigel Beta program, I believe you will be convinced that Nigel AGI is just that.

I am not asking you to enter this beta program believing Nigel is in fact an artificial general intelligence (AGI). I want you to keep an open mind and give us a chance to prove it to you. Not only from experiencing what your device becomes over the next 12 months, but, for some of you, a chance to get an inside peek on the technology, the algorithm and theory. But, most importantly, as an early adopter I want to give you a chance to get your name forever etched into AGI history (our attorney’s asked “politely” not to have the details shared now…..).

My personal goal is that there should be no doubt that Nigel is AGI by late summer 2018 – at which time we plan on hosting the world’s first real AGI event where we bring together some of our best beta users, enterprise users and our own scientist to discuss the beta and the road ahead.

The advantage of being the founder of Kimera is that I have quite a bit of influence of the structure and size of the beta program. Unlike the typical lean startup point of view of “minimum viable product”, this beta will not just include consumers, like you, but also enterprises.  It’s about going big, to give Nigel the opportunity to learn a lot very fast. I’m sure a lot of you agree with me when I say I want us to get to the future sooner rather than later. An MVP approach is the “rather than later” approach.

You may wonder what enterprises have to do with this? Imagine an enterprise project where Nigel is put to learn traffic patterns to best direct a fleet of trucks. Unlike traditional machine learning algorithms, like deep neural networks, that are “stuck” within the problem it is programmed for, Nigel’s algorithm focuses on quickly move from memorizing solutions, to conceptualizing the knowledge in an attempt to reuse the knowledge in other problems. That means once Nigel learns how to best direct these trucks it would automatically turn around and tell your alarm clock to let you sleep 15 minutes longer because your bus is severely delayed due to predicted traffic – even if at that exact moment the bus is on time.

This beta program’s theme is “education”. It is all about teaching Nigel. Enterprise projects are like classes teaching Nigel specific topics. You, the beta user, are a more general-purpose teacher. Your job is to teach Nigel about your life. What Nigel learns about your life, it will use to help enterprises. And visa versa, what Nigel learns in enterprise projects, it will use to make your life better.

Einstein wasn’t born with the knowledge of general relativity. He was able to connect the dots between disparate pieces of knowledge he had picked up throughout life. Our job, you, enterprises and us at Kimera, is to teach Nigel a variety of topics as quickly as we can.

By summer 2018 I hope we see that Nigel, in addition to being “expert” in specific problems, is also connecting the dots across domains to come up with some “creative” solutions to new problems. I use quotes around creative because I suspect these “creative” solutions might be known to us (mankind), but they are creative to Nigel because it was able to infer new skills from connecting disparate pieces of knowledge.

Thank you again for joining us on this journey. And don’t forget to check in on our blog often as we’ll keep updating it with new progress reports for Nigel as sharing more about the behind the scenes technologies.


Mounir Shita,
Founder & CEO, Kimera

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  • DaniDipp

    It has been more than three weeks now and the app hasn’t updated. How can I get in touch with you to help to solve this problem?

    • Berend Kok

      I dont think it is a problem, because Kimera is most likely working hard to get every thing ready for the beta.
      What is one month more or less, in comparison to 12 years 😉

      • DaniDipp

        True. How long did it take for your Agent to get activated?

        • Berend Kok

          That would be four day’s if it was activated now, but it is not. I wass waiting for Viv, but since it’s become Bixby there will be no ” development centre ”.
          Nigel could be a hoax, based on the information that has been given us, we cant be sure. Kimera reminds me of Euclideon unlimited detail, mabey they disappear for 2 years to.
          I gess what i am trying to say is, dont get to hyped.

          • DaniDipp

            Yes, I really want it to be real but I guess I gotta stay patient.

          • Berend Kok

            I do to want Nigel to be real very much so, even to the point that i wouldn’t speak my concern, to avoid offending Nigel. But extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

          • DaniDipp

            The App just updated. Apparently it was a global update what I didn’t realize. I’m so excited that the beta is moving forward!

          • mshita

            Hi DaniDipp & Berend,

            Thanks for joining out beta. Yes, we just sent phase 2 update. The “magic” starts in phase 3. Phase 2 is focuses on machine learning. Remember, think of Nigel as a newborn baby that knows nothing and has to learn from ground up. So give Nigel a chance to learn. In about 10 business days we’ll get phase 3 out where Nigel will start doing stuff.

            In the meantime, we will send out teaching exercises you can participate in to help teach Nigel about reality. We’re working with child learning experts to develop a curriculum (we’ll email more info on this in a couple of weeks). First exercise will be up in two days.

            And….we won’t be gone in 2 years 🙂 This has been a research project since 2005. We intend to stick around!

            Thank you again!!